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Municipalities with a high incidence rate

Last update 12.10.2020

Due to the rapid increase in morbidity in several Latvian cities, additional epidemiological safety measures have been established for Aizpute Municipality, Daugavpils City and Municipality, Dundaga Municipality, Kuldīga Municipality, Olaine Municipality, Talsi Municipality, and Krāslava Municipality until 6 November 2020:

  • On-site acting, interest, and professional-orientation education is not allowed to take place (including trainings, competitions, and rehearsals)
  • Mouth and nose coverings must be worn on each city’s public transport.
  • Mouth and nose coverings must be used in public areas where it is not possible to observe a 2-metre distance from others. This measure does not apply to nursery groups and education lessons within a single class, group, or course.
  • No more than 500 persons shall be present at the same time at an indoor event site or an indoor site where economic services are provided
  • No more than eight visitors may be present at the same time at one table in public catering establishments (except for at catering places in educational institutions)
  • Public catering places open no earlier than 6.00 and end work no later than 24.00
  • No indoor public events are allowed to be organised except for at museums, libraries, culture centres, exhibition halls, open-air stages, theatre buildings, concert halls, cinemas, and congress and conference centres, or the outdoor spaces of the aforementioned venues, if visitors stay in fixed and personalised seats during the event. Adjacent seats may be occupied by not more than 2 persons who are not members of the same household, and not more than 4 persons who are members of the same household. A distance of one metre or a protective barrier shall be provided between each two or four seats located next to each other, respectively. When leaving a seat, a person shall comply with the 2-metre physical distancing requirements. 

Source reference

Veselības ministrija