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The Republic of Latvia declares a state of emergency in its territory from 9 November until 6 December
Which questions will be answered?
Phone numbers
When can I call?

This toll-free hotline will help you find answers to frequently asked questions about COVID-19


CDPC (SPKC) phone number if you have any questions regarding
infection with COVID-19, its prevention, self-isolation, or quarantine

On working days: 8.30-17.00

If you suspect you have COVID-19

To apply for a state-funded COVID-19 test

On working days: 8.00-18.00
On Saturdays: 9.00-14.00


Contact E. Gulbja Laboratorija to apply for state-funded COVID-19 tests (if you have been abroad and have symptoms) or to apply for paid tests

Every day: 8.00–20.00


The State Scientific Institute “BIOR” laboratory both performs state-paid Covid-19 tests and offers sampling at companies and institutions.

In Riga on working days from 9.00-17.00, by prior appointment
In Ogre on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 11.00 to 15.00, by prior appointment
Elsewhere in Latvia – by prior appointment at a mutually arranged time

If your symptoms of the disease are severe (very high temperature, shortness of breath)


Other numbers related to COVID-19

Ministry of Foreign Affaris toll-free information phone number for callers from Latvia

Mon-Fri: 8.30-17.00 (break 13:00-13:30)

Ministry of Foreign Affairs information phone number for callers from abroad

Mon-Fri: 8.30-17.00 (break 13:00-13:30)

Ministry of Foreign Affairs 24-hour helpline for emergenciesabroad (lost travel documents, deaths, serious illnesses, disasters, etc.)



CRPC (PTAC) consultations on cancelled trips, events

Mon-Thu: 8.15-17.00
Fri: 8.15-15.45


24-hour phone number of the State Border Guard for inquiries on crossing the state border


The Information Centre of the Ministry of Education and Science on the provision of education in the country

Mon-Fri: 8.30-17.15



State Education Quality Service for reporting any violations in educational institutions, or information on compliance with the state of emergency

Mon-Fri: 9.30-17.00


National Centre for Education for information on exams, interest education, and School Youth Song Festival

par eksāmeniem

Mon-Fri: 8.30-17.00

(mobile number accepts calls also outside of working hours)



If police assistance is required and for reporting any possible violations of law


Phone number of the Ministry of Culture for consultations on issues in the field of culture, incl. organisation of safe cultural events, reception of foreign guest artists, activities of national cultural institutions

Mon-Fri: 9.00-17.00

Phone number of the Office of Citizenship and Migration Affairs

Mon-Thu: 9.00-16.30
Fri: 9.00-16.00


Emergency phone number of Riga City Council for any inquiries about the operation of municipal institutions and companies during the crisis



General practitioners’ consultation phone number in cases of acute illnesses and injuries, as well as in cases of exacerbation of chronic diseases

On working days from 17:00 to 8:00, on weekends around the clock

Food and Veterinary Service on weekdays. For issues regarding cleaning/disinfection and other hygiene issues in food trade and catering companies, on trading non-prepacked food

Mon-Fri: 8.30-17.00


National Health Service (NVD) on available health care services and any changes in their provision

Mon-Thu: 8.30-17.00
Fri: 8.30-15.00


Ministry of Transport on the issuance of permits by the Minister of Transport for the transporting of passengers

Air transport
Railway transport
Bus transport
Ferry transport

Mon-Thu: 8.15-17.00
Fri: 8.15-15.45



Health Inspectorate for reporting any medical staff violations related to COVID-19

Mon-Fri: 8.30-17.00

State Labour Inspectorate on employer-employee relations in accordance with the Labour Law

Mon-Thu: 9.00-16.30
Fri: 9.00-14.00


Consultations on support measures for entrepreneurs (LIAA)

Mon-Fri: 8.30-17.00


The State Revenue Service support phone number for companies affected by the COVID-19 crisis

Mon-Thu: 8.15-17.00

Fri: 8.15- 15.45

Consultations for companies affected by the Covid-19 crisis (regardless of the industry) on the support instruments offered by ALTUM: guarantees for bank loan holidays and current asset loans.

Mon-Fri: 9.00-18.00

Methodological and consultative support to local governments regarding their work organisation, functions, and provision of services: on the conduct of council and committee meetings, guidelines for the organisation of remote work, amendments to binding regulations, purchase of personal protective equipment, etc.

Mon: 08.30-18.00
Tue-Thu: 08.30-17.00
Fri: 08.30-16.00

Phone number of the Volunteer Movement #paliecmājās