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In May 2023, the World Health Organization declared that the Covid-19 pandemic was no longer an international health emergency.
The information on the website is no longer regularly updated.

Digital Covid-19 Certificate

Everyone can get a digital certificate electronically, confirming the fact of vaccination against Covid-19 or recovery from the virus

Last update 29.06.2023

The digital Covid-19 certificate is proof that a person has been vaccinated against Covid-19, tested for the virus, or recovered from it. It can be used in the territory of the Republic of Latvia, for example, as a confirmation for receiving a service or attending an institution or event.

To view your digital Covid-19 certificate:

  • Click on “View my certificates” on the website.
  • Authenticate with one of the secure means of access (internet banking, eID card, mobile ID).
  • Request your certificates in the system and view or save them (on your computer or smart device).

To print your digital Covid-19 certificate:

  • Click on “View my certificates” on the website.
  • Authenticate with one of the secure means of access (internet banking, eID card, mobile ID).
  • Request and view your certificates in the system. 
  • Select the required certificate and print it.

Currently, the following digital certificates are available:

  • Certificate of vaccination against Covid-19.
  • Certificate of the results of Covid-19 laboratory tests. 
  • Certificate of recovery from Covid-19 if the person has had Covid-19. 

If the person cannot receive the certificate electronically, it can be requested in paper format:

  • in the medical institution that performed the vaccination against Covid-19 or the Covid-19 test;
  • in any other medical institution;
  • in a unified state and municipal customer service centre.

Each certificate contains a unique QR code, which is confirmed by a string of digital symbols. This string of symbols is a digital signature or confirmation of the authenticity of the information in the certificate. By scanning the QR code with a QR code reading application on your smartphone, you can find out whether the specific certificate is valid and authentic. The QR code can be scanned both from a digital version (for example, by presenting it on a smartphone) or a hard copy of the certificate.

When presenting a certificate, a passport or ID card must be also presented, and from 31 December 2021 it will also be possible to present a driver’s license, pupil’s card, student’s card, pensioner's card or service pension card.

Certificate validity period in the Republic of Latvia
  • From which date do the conditions for the validity of the vaccination certificate take effect?
  • From which date is the validity period of the certificate calculated?
    • From the day after the completion of the primary vaccination course.
  • Is there a period of validity for the booster vaccination certificate?
    • Currently no period of validity is determined for the booster vaccination certificate.
  • Is there a period of validity for children's certificates?
    • A vaccination certificate expiration date is not applied to children under 18 years of age, as the booster vaccine is currently not available for children.

Inquiries about the digital Covid-19 certificate
  1. For questions about certificates and the website:
  2. For questions about scanning and mobile application:

Persons who have recovered from Covid-19 can receive a vaccination certificate:
  • if after the infection confirmed by a positive PCR test result, they have received 1 of any of the 4 vaccines approved by the European Medicines Agency (Comirnaty (Pfizer-Biontech), Spikevax (Moderna), Janssen or Vaxzveria (AstraZeneca))
  • and 14 days have passed since the vaccination, excluding the day of vaccination.

The vaccination certificate may be suspended if:
  • Covid-19 infection is confirmed to the person in laboratory. The certificate is suspended for the period up to the day 7 (from the first date of taking the sample which confirmed Covid-19 infection by detecting Covid-19 virus RNA in one episode of the disease). This means that after 7 days, i.e. on day 8, the vaccination certificate is renewed. For example, if a sample is taken in the laboratory on 1 January at 12:00 and is positive, the vaccination certificate will resume operation on 8 January at 12:00.

  • Information is received from law enforcement authorities

The NHS may also renew the vaccination certificate on the basis of information received from law enforcement authorities.

Using the Certificate Abroad

Using the Certificate Abroad. The Republic of Latvia has successfully joined the European Digital Covid-19 Certificate gateway, which will further ensure the exchange of information contained in digital certificates between the Member States of the European Union (EU). Currently, data can be exchanged with those Member States that have already joined the gateway, i.e. Bulgaria, Croatia, the Czech Republic, Denmark, Germany, Greece, Lithuania, Poland, and Spain. Information on the Member States joining the gateway is updated and published on the website of the European Commission.

    "Covid-19 Verify" Mobile Application

    From June 15, the mobile application "Covid19Verify" for checking digital Covid-19 certificates or scanning QR codes is available in the App Store (for Apple smart devices). As of June 30, the app is also available in the Google Play Store (for the users of Android smart devices).

    Service providers, event organizers and any institution that verifies citizens' digital certificates are invited to use the mobile application.

    • The QR code can only be read by the "Covid-19 Verify" application. Regular/other applications for reading QR codes will not work!
    • The validity of the certificate can also be checked on the website by clicking the "Verify certificate" button.

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