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Before coming to Latvia, fill in the questionnaire and get acquainted with the regulations regarding incoming travellers!

Safety measures

Last update 18.08.2020

Although the situation with the spread of the virus in Latvia is stable and some of the precautionary measures have been eased with the lifting of the state of emergency, a number of restrictions must still be observed.

The basic principles remain the same:

  • Keep a distance of 2 metres!
  • Wash your hands!
  • Wear a mouth and nose covering when on public transport!
  • Stay home if you are ill!
  • Follow the informative signs in public places!

Subject to keeping a 2 metre distance between persons, gatherings are allowed for (from August 1):

  • up to 1000 persons indoors, regardless of the size of the premises; however, no more than 50% of the total capacity of the room may be exceeded and an area of 3 m2 must be provided per person;
  • up to 3000 persons to gather outside, ensuring publicly available information about the maximum acceptable number of persons is provided at the venue or place where the provision of commercial service occurs.

Remember: Freer gatherings mean an increase in people’s personal responsibility! Currently, the rate of the virus’ spread in Latvia has decreased; however, the pandemic is not yet over, so it is very important to follow daily precautions when meeting with relatives and friends, as well as in other situations. Although larger gatherings are now allowed, before visiting an event or meeting up with others you should ask yourself if you really need to go. Be aware that every event and meeting of other people comes with the risk of catching the virus. 
The individual responsibility and actions of each person in observing quarantine or self-isolation, if necessary, as well as in taking preventive measures, is still the strongest weapon for limiting the spread of the virus! Let’s carry on being responsible for our own and others’ health!

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