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If the employment relationship is terminated

Information for employees if the employer has made a decision on collective redundancy or termination of employment with some of their employees.

Last update 07.05.2020


The employees made redundant may register with the State Employment Agency (NVA) for the status of unemployed persons not earlier than on the next day after the termination of employment. During the state of emergency, applying for the status of an unemployed person is only possible electronically on the SEA (NVA) CV and vacancy portal ( 

  1. Authorise by using one of the authentication methods of the portal;
  2. Open the “Apply for the status of an unemployed person or a person seeking employment” section;
  3. Open the “Apply for the status of an unemployed person” section and indicate which SEA (NVA) branch you would like to cooperate with;
  4. Download and fill in the application for the status of an unemployed person (available on the SEA (NVA) website);
  5. The completed application must be saved in WORD format as an attachment and sent to the SEA (NVA).

It is also possible to submit an application for granting the status of an unemployed person on the state service portal through the e-service Application to an institution (e-signature is not required).

We draw your attention to the fact that in order for the unemployment benefit to be calculated from the first day of granting the status of an unemployed person, an additional application must be submitted to the State Social Insurance Agency (VSAA), which is available on this website.

More detailed information for unemployed persons and for persons seeking employment is available on the SEA (NVA) website. 


Pursuant to Section 106 of the Labour Law, an employer who intends to carry out collective redundancy shall in good time commence consultations with the representatives of employees in order to agree on:

  • the number of employees subject to the collective redundancy;
  • the process of the collective redundancy;
  • the social guarantees for the employees to be made redundant. 

During consultations the employer and the representatives of employees shall examine all the possibilities of avoiding the collective redundancy of the employees employed in the undertaking or of reducing the number of employees to be made redundant and how to alleviate the effects of such redundancy by taking social measures that create the possibility to further employ or retrain the employees made redundant.

In order to ensure that the representatives of employees have an opportunity to submit proposals, the employer shall in good time inform the representatives of employees regarding the collective redundancy and notify in writing regarding:

  • the reasons of the collective redundancy;
  • the number of employees to be made redundant including the occupation and qualifications of such employees;
  • the number of employees normally employed by the undertaking;
  • the time period within which it is intended to carry out the collective redundancy;
  • the procedures for calculation of severance pay if they differ from the procedures specified in Section 112 of the Labour Law.

The notification on the planned collective redundancy must be submitted in writing by the employer not only to the SEA (NVA) and the local government in the administrative territory of which the undertaking operates, but also to the employees' representatives by sending a duplicate. 

Please note that during the state of emergency the State Employment Agency may shorten the time period for a notification of collective redundancy specified in the Labour Law, determining it shorter than 30 days (in accordance with Section 26 of the Law “On the Operation of State Authorities During the Emergency Situation Related to the Spread of Covid-19”).


During the state of emergency, when some people have lost their jobs as a result of the measures taken to control the spread of the Covid-19 virus, we call for the opportunity to find work in sectors with a high demand for workers, such as agriculture (rural farms and businesses), which currently has over 700 available vacancies, or the food industry, fish processing, etc. Apply for a vacancy remotely on the SEA (NVA) CV and vacancy portal.

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