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For organising sports activities

Last update 21.05.2020

The Ministry of Education and Science has prepared and the Ministry of Health has approved the conditions for individual sports activities, sports activities indoors and in swimming pools, training sessions, and training sessions for professional athletes, and has set out the responsibility for compliance with the rules. All conditions have been summarised in a PDF document.

Trainings have been discontinued, with the exception of non-contact sports trainings or classes in person which observe the following conditions:

  1. no more than 25 people may gather in one training group at the same time;
  2. indoor training time - 3 hours, outdoors - an unlimited period of time;
  3. the class shall be led by a certified coach;
  4. a 2 metre distance between people is observed;
  5. the areas of different training groups should not physically overlap (including changing rooms and sanitary areas);
  6. children under the age of 7 do not participate in training;
  7. instructions of the manager of the sports venue and the coach should be followed;
  8. Other conditions regarding sports activities during the state of emergency are defined in the guidelines developed by the Ministry of Education and Science and approved by the Ministry of Health.

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