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Entry rules for professional truck drivers are changing

Last update 12.02.2021

On February 11, the government imposed a new regulation on entry into Latvia for professional truck drivers to reduce the spread of the Covid-19 virus, especially the new most contagious strain of the virus in the country. The new rules shall take effect on February 15.

Under current regulations, employees of a freight and passenger carriers and members of the crews of passengers, cargo, or technical voyages, including when travelling to or from their place of work, are not required to pass the Covid-19 test. The new regulation stipulates that professional truck drivers (hereinafter referred to as ‘drivers’) do not have to pass the Covid-19 test if they plan to stay in Latvia for no more than 72 hours or have spent less than 72 hours in the last 14 days in a country with a high incidence rate. For example, suppose a driver stays in Latvia for a longer period while performing work duties, but leaves Latvia in 71 hours after entering Latvia. In that case, the driver is not required to perform the Covid-19 test.
In its turn, if a driver plans to stay in Latvia for more than 72 hours or has spent more than 72 hours in the last 14 days in a country with a high incidence rate, performing a Covid-19 test is required. For example, suppose a driver stays in Latvia for more than 72 hours while performing work duties. In that case, he shall perform the Covid-19 test in Latvia. On the other hand, if the driver, for example, has stayed for more than 72 hours in the Netherlands, then the test must be performed before entering Latvia.

The current requirement to present a driving license of relevant category, a digital tachograph driver card or a tachograph of the last working day, and an International Transport Worker’s certificate, upon entry into Latvia, upon request of the controlling authorities shall remain in force. Certificate forms are available in Latvian, English and other languages.

Simultaneously, the following safety measures should be taken: masks covering mouth and nose should be worn in public places, set safety precautions should be met while working not exposing others to the risk of infection and limiting contact with other people (that is, not visiting). If you experience any symptoms of respiratory infection, you must self-isolate and consult a doctor.

We would like to reiterate that the requirements for performing Covid-19 test referred to in the rules do not apply to citizens and permanent residents of the EU Member States who cross the land border of the Republic of Latvia with the other EU Member States daily when the border crossing is necessary for work or performing official duties and an individual has a document certifying the fact of employment. For example, milk carriers who drive across the Latvian-Lithuanian border every day.
Only the PCR Covid-19 test result is valid for entering into Latvia.

See the new amendments to Cabinet Regulation No 360 "Epidemiological Safety Measures for the Containment of the Spread of Covid-19 Infection" under Section 354, Paragraph 3.

Countries with high morbidity indicators.

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