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Where to get tested for Covid-19?

Last update 16.09.2021

If you have symptoms, you can take a Covid-19 test for free and with a doctor’s referral

If symptoms of the illness occur (signs of acute respiratory infection, fever, olfactory disturbances, loss of taste, etc.), you can take the Covid-19 test for free and with a doctor's referral (outside the GP's working hours if the patient has signs of acute respiratory disease or other signs of Covid-19 infection without a referral from a doctor, doctor's practice or medical facility).

Until 1 August 2021, the Covid-19 test will be paid for from the state budget. It is envisaged that from 1 August the person will have to pay for the test with his or her own resources if this is necessary to receive the services. For children under the age of 18, the Covid-19 test will be paid for from the state budget until 1 September 2021. 

Book a visit to a Covid-19 testing site by phone:
  • Phone for centralised Covid-19 testing - 8303
  • Central Laboratory - 8330
  • E. Gulbja Laboratory - 67801112
  • MFD Laboratory - 8313
  • NMS Laboratory - 67144015
  • State Scientific Institute "BIOR" - 28369560
  • IvF RIGA Holding Laboratory - 25444405
  • Labaratory "BIOCON" - 20006062
  • Opening hours of phone lines and testing sites are available on the National Health Service website.
Book a visit to a Covid-19 testing site electronically:
  • Riga Eastern Clinical University Hospital website,
  • E. Gulbja Laboratory website,
  • Central Laboratory website,
  • On the MFD Healthcare Group website,
  • Labaratory "BIOCON",
  • On the State Scientific Institute "BIOR" website.

We remind you that there may be changes in the opening hours of analysis transfer points on holidays!

For submitting samples, you can also use the contact-free sample receiving/submitting machines located in the following places:

  • Brīvības gatve 366, Rīga;
  • Grostonas street 6B, Riga;
  • Terminal E, Airport “Riga”, Marupe;
  • Finiera street 6, Bolderaja, Riga;
  • Viestura street 22, Jūrmala;
  • Sūru street 2, Kuldiga;
  • Rīgas gatve 5, Ādaži;
  • Driksas street 7, Jelgava;
  • Rīgas street 19, Valmiera;
  • Rakstvežu street 8, Liepāja;
  • Stacijas street 45 (ice hall), Daugavpils;
  • Saules street 6, Madona.

The contactless dispense/collect machine is available every day, 24 hours a day (00-24).
Find out more on the website of E. Gulbja laboratory: Automated clinical analysis dispense/collect machines

You can find the testing sites and information on each of them on an interactive map: "Covid-19 testing sites in Latvia".

In turn, the results of Covid-19 tests are available on the E-health portal, as well as on the websites of testing service providers. To view the results in E-health, open in the internet browser, and select "Connect" and "Resident". After logging in to the system, the testing results message will be displayed in the "My results" section.

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