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The Republic of Latvia declares a state of emergency in its territory from 9 November until 6 December

For organisers of cultural events

Last update 27.11.2020

  • Between 9 November and 6 December, all in-person public cultural events, including those dedicated to national holidays, will be cancelled and prohibited. 
  • Museums, libraries, culture centres and other cultural venues will remain open, refraining from conducing any events, subject to limited working hours: 06:00 to 20:00.
  • Only individual visits (or visits by members of one household) are allowed at cultural venues, including libraries, museums, archives, exhibition rooms and culture centres. 
  • One-way flow of visitors must be ensured, and no more than 50% of the total visitor capacity allowed by the available size and infrastructure of the premises may be used at any single time. 
  • There must be at least 10 m² of publically available space provided per visitor, and visitors must be provided with publically available information on the maximum allowed number of people that may be at the cultural venue in question at any single time.
  • Cultural venue staff and visitors must wear masks.
  • Amateur performer groups must rehearse remotely or on an individual basis in person (except for persons living within a single household).
  • From 27 November, on-site learning processes shall be discontinued in all programmes of interest education, vocational orientation, and vocational secondary education. 
  • Individual amateur art rehearsals may take place until 22.00, subject to epidemiological safety requirements. 
  • Group music lessons are not allowed on site - rehearsals of choirs, vocal ensembles, and wind instrument groups. 
    Students from the age of 13 must use mouth and nose covering outside the classroom in educational institutions. 

From 30 November: 

  • At least 3 m2 of the learning area are provided per 1 student;
  • In the educational establishment, teachers shall use mouth and nose covering during the learning process and outside it; 
  • No more than 10 students are to be present on site in the same premises. The completion of the practical part of vocational education programmes and adult continuous vocational training which cannot be carried out remotely is allowed. 

The completion of programmes of interest education and vocational orientation shall be held remotely; only individually may classes be held in person on-site, except for: 

  • Persons who live in the same household; 
  • Students of one group or grade of an educational institution who at the same time are not students of other groups or grades; 
  • Educational institutions where a vocational orientation education programme is implemented concurrently with a programme of general basic education or general secondary education. 


Source reference

Kultūras ministrija