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The Republic of Latvia declares a state of emergency in its territory from 9 November until 6 December

Organisation of sports events

Last update 27.11.2020

Sports training and competition 
  • Group work-outs (sports activities) may only take place outdoors, with no more than 10 people (not including the coach and athletic staff) per group. Using public changing rooms is not allowed. 
  • Indoors, work-outs may only take place on an individual (or single-household) basis, or under the supervision of a sports specialist, providing 15 square metres of space per person.  The total number of people in the premises must not exceed 20% of the maximum possible.
  • The working hours of sports venues/centres are restricted to 6:00 to 22:00.
  • Indoor work-outs and training without restrictions are allowed to Latvian adult national athletic teams, Latvian Olympic and Paralympic athletes, and to adult members of teams in major leagues of teams sports.
  • Conducting sports events (e.g. competitions) is prohibited. 
  • Scheduled competitions of international Olympic sports federations (including the planned official training sessions before such competitions) for adult teams are be allowed, if taking place without an audience.
  • Competitions of international and major team sports leagues are allowed, provided that the athletes are adults, and the competitions take place without an audience.
Participation of foreign athletes in international sports events in Latvia

International sports event - sports competition of international importance, included in the calendar of competitions of the international sports federation (including official training planned before the competition), as well as sports competitions of international leagues, the list of which is published on the website of the Latvian Sports Federation Council. This category shall not include sports competitions at the Baltic or Latvian level (including open championships and cups), except for in the case when they are qualification competitions for participation in the Olympic or Paralympic Games, as well as world and European championships in Olympic and Paralympic sports.

Foreign athletes and sports staff may arrive to Latvia from the risk countries included on the list of the Centre for Disease Prevention and Control, and participate in international sports events, when 2 Covid-19 tests have been performed and they are negative:

  • the 1st test should be made not earlier than 3 days before arrival to Latvia
  • the 2nd test - a day after arrival to Latvia (self-isolation should be observed until receipt of the 2nd result)
  • the 3rd or repeated test should be made when staying in Latvia for longer than 5 days in relation to participation in an international sports event in Latvia

After arrival to Latvia, foreign athletes and sports staff should submit the organiser of the sports event the certification regarding the fact that they will comply with all determined restrictions and will observe their health status. 

Athletes will not be permitted to use public transport, but they will have to use their own transport or transport provided by the organiser of the international sports event in Latvia. 

During the sporting event, the person shall not visit other public or social places, including bars and restaurants, as well as shall try to limit contact with other people during the event.

In turn, the organiser of an international sports event in Latvia will be obliged to:

  • ensure the availability of the certifications and documents filled in by the persons regarding the results of the Covi-19 tests performed on the persons at the place of the international sports event;
  • immediately inform the relevant international sports federation if the athlete, sports employee or representative of international sports organisations fails to comply with the specified obligations at an international sports event in Latvia. In this case, it will be necessary to decide on the revocation of the accreditation issued to the person in accordance with the procedure established by the relevant international sports federation.

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