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The Republic of Latvia declares a state of emergency in its territory from 9 November until 6 December

Guidelines and recommendations for companies

Last update 30.11.2020

Special precautions must be taken between 9 November and 6 December.

An economic service provider is prohibited from servicing a customer who does not use or misuses the mouth and nose covering. This means that, for example, in a store, the seller will not serve the customer if the person does not use a mouth and nose covering.

In all shopping venues, including markets and outdoor street shopping venues, one must wear a mask, maintain a 2-metre distance and pay additional attention to hygiene; there must also be information on the precautions to be taken.

In a shopping venue, there must be at least 10 square metres of publically available space per visitor. 

Information about the maximum allowed number of visitors (including in foreign languages) must be provided at the entrance of every shop.

The following venues may operate at shopping centre with a publically available area of at least 10,000 square metres, or with at least 10 shopping venues, on Saturdays, Sundays and official holidays:

  • grocery stores,
  • pharmacies (including veterinary),
  • optician’s,
  • pet food shops,
  • book shops,
  • newspaper and magazine shops,
  • hygiene and household goods shops,
  • telecommunications goods and service providers,
  • issue of remotely purchased goods. 

Current rules and recommendations for retailers (in Latvian)

Between 9 November and 6 December, food service venues may only serve food as take-out. 

This restriction does not apply to food service providers in schools and pre-school facilities, at workplaces and at the Riga airport. The following rules must be complied with in those venues:

  • both the visitors and the staff must wear nose and mouth protection, 
  • there must be a distance of 2 m between the tables, unless there is a partition separating them,
  • no more than 2 people who are not members of the same household are allowed at any one table,
  • visitors may only use seats,
  • at least 10 square metres of publically available space must be provided per visitor,
  • cutlery, sets of dishes, and napkins must be individually issued to every visitor,
  • tables must be disinfected after every meal (after every visitor),
  • clearly legible publically available information (including in a foreign language) stating the maximum number of visitors that may be at the food service venue must be placed in locations visible to the visitors (at least at the entrance and at the cash register).

Current rules and recommendations for food service providers (in Latvian)

No entertainment events, such as discotheques, will take place. Gambling venues and bars, skating rinks, children’s party venues, entertainment and amusement centres, trampoline parks, playgrounds and child day-care rooms (including those in shopping centres) will be closed. Water entertainment and amusement centres, saunas and spa facilities will be closed. No sports events will take place, including competitions, presentations, shows etc. 

Guidelines and recommendations are available to download in Latvian (.docx)

General guidelines for the organisation of the work of companies

Additional recommendations for companies in various sectors

More information

COVID-19 Recommendations for Employers and Workplaces (COVID-19: guidance for the workplace) by the European Agency for Safety and Health at Work (EU-OSHA).

Source reference

Ekonomikas ministrija