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Support for self-isolation in tourist accommodation

Last update 27.05.2021

Given the high prevalence of the Covid-19 infection and the need to limit the spread of the infection among households, the support programme to persons with a confirmed Covid-19 infection and their contact persons will be extended. The changes in the programme envisage state co-financing for the provision of catering services, as well as the extension of the programme until 31 May of this year.

Co-financing for self-isolation in hotels can be received by:

  • Covid-19 patient contact persons;
  • Covid-19 patients with mild symptoms;
  • Covid-19 patients after receiving inpatient treatment but still with symptoms;
  • One accompanying adult for a Covid-19 patient contact person who is a minor.

Amount and duration of support:

  • 80% of accommodation costs, but not more than 35 euros per day;
  • 80% of catering costs, but not more than 10 euros per day;
  • if a Covid-19 patient or a contact person who is accommodated is a minor, one accompanying adult may receive the same amount of support;
  • the person pays the tourist accommodation 20% of the amount for both accommodation and catering;
  • the duration of accommodation is 14 days or otherwise specified in a doctor’s statement. Based on the doctor’s statement, the duration of the stay might be extended to another 14 days.

How to apply for self-isolation or quarantine in a hotel?

  1. Select a tourist accommodation on the LIAA website
  2. Contact the tourist accommodation and make a reservation based on a doctor’s statement/extract or a note on the e-health portal (printout or screenshot). Find out more by writing to
  3. Observe the epidemiological requirements for contact persons and Covid-19 patients specified at (you must submit the doctor’s statement to the tourist accommodation within 5 days).

Source reference

Ekonomikas ministrija

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