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Psycho-emotional support

Resources for receiving free support

Last update 21.12.2020

When the normal rhythm of life is disrupted and various constraints have to be observed, many people feel tension, anxiety, anger, sadness, or depression. Such emotions are understandable and not reprehensible; however, it is very important to do everything that is in your power to help yourself and the people close to you to cope with the negative. Consulting a professional psychologist or hearing a person out is one of the most effective ways to avoid negative psychological consequences of a crisis. 

The Ministry of Education and Science has compiled a list of available resources related to receiving psycho-emotional assistance for various groups of society:

This collection of resources includes hotlines, contacts for victims of violence, etc., and it is possible not only to call, but also to communicate via e-mails or discuss your issues on Skype. All resources are free of charge
We invite you to seek help in time!

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