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For organisers of camps

Last update 30.06.2021


On-site camps for children may be organised for up to 30 participants, subject to epidemiological safety requirements.

  • In camps organised outdoors or in separate buildings, several groups are allowed to participate, provided that all necessary epidemiological safety measures are taken and that it is ensured that the members and staff of these groups do not meet during the operation of the camp. Camps may only take place in a certain area with no activities being organised outside of it, unless the participants of the camp are the only visitors of the respective place.
  • Staff and children may take part in the camp if they have tested negative for Covid-19 in the last 48 hours before the start of the camp. Repeated tests are performed once a week during the camp. The tests are state-funded and the testing process is coordinated by the Health Inspectorate. The test is not obligatory if vaccination against Covid-19 can be proven with relevant documents or if the person has recovered from the virus.
  • In 24-hour camps (sports camps), indoor sports training (classes) may take place within the camp group.

Guidelines have been developed for safety measures in 2021 children’s summer camps. The guidelines include information on the organisation of testing, as well as on physical distancing, the use of mouth and nose coverings, good personal hygiene practices, and many other issues. The guidelines are available here: Camp Safety Measures.
Find out more about organising camps on the website of the National Centre for Education.

Organisation of the camps

When organizing children's camps in person, outdoors, in buildings with several floors, in separate buildings or in buildings with several parts/passages, several groups are allowed to operate at the same time:

  • where possible, separate entrances are used,
  • all necessary epidemiological safety measures are taken,
  • it is ensured that group members and staff do not encounter during the camp,
  • common areas can be used by several groups according to a strict schedule,
  • in buildings with several floors, the natural ventilation method shall be used (if the participation of several groups is envisaged, if mechanical ventilation is common to several floors).
  • Camp participants and staff use mouth and nose covering indoors, except for children under 8 years of age and children in day camps within the same group.
  • Camp participants and staff do not use mouth and nose covering outdoors.
  • The responsible person and the procedure for action in case of illness are delegated in the camp.

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