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Safe sale of goods

Guidelines and recommendations for companies

Last update 09.04.2021

From 7 April, the following conditions shall apply to points of sale:
  • all stores (with a total sales area under 7000 m2) outside shopping centres are allowed to operate;
  • in large shopping centres, only specific service providers and shops are allowed to operate;
  • distance selling and e-commerce are not restricted, incl. the delivery of goods at home and via parcel machines;
  • the wholesale of any goods in wholesale trade bases, which are necessary for both retail stores and the operation of companies, production, etc. is not interrupted;
  • it is also allowed to provide the goods necessary for the provision of existing services (for example, the provision of car parts in a car repair shop);
  • in shopping centres, computer, computer peripheral equipment, video game control panel, and standard software retail outlets are allowed to operate on site as specialised telecommunication equipment retail stores (corresponding to NACE 47.41 and NACE 47.42).
  • the organisation of street trade (fairs) is allowed, subject to compliance with the safe trade protocol for all outdoor trade;
  • on-site sales are no longer restricted by the list of allowed goods.
  • In order to reduce and limit the spread of the infection, from 17 March, providers of economic or public services and event organisers must place information asking visitors to use the “Apturi Covidnational contact tracing and warning mobile app in a highly visible place (in addition to information on safety measures).
  • The Ministry of Economics has prepared special informative materials for informing visitors of trading places and other places of service provision; we invite merchants to use these materials! The materials are available on the website of the Ministry of Economics.

All latest information on safety requirements for merchants is published on the website of the Ministry of Economics. Samples of internal control system rules for small points of sale developed by the Consumer Rights Protection Centre are published on the CRPC website. In turn, informative materials for informing visitors about safety requirements are available on the website of the informative campaign “Safe stays Safe”.

The following safety provisions must be met at all stores that are not part of a shopping centre (all stores regardless of their size and range of goods sold):
  • both the customers and the staff must wear nose and mouth coverings;

  • information on the maximum number of visitors must be placed at the entrance;

  • the number of baskets/trolleys/shopping bags must correspond to the maximum number of visitors allowed;

  • visitors are only admitted one at a time (one household member), except with children under the age of 12, who may be accompanied by one adult;

  • an area of 25 m2 per 1 visitor (incl. technical equipment) must be ensured; if the space is smaller, only 1 visitor can be present at once;

  • the flow of visitors must be controlled at the entrance/exit, indoors/outdoors, and on the sales floor where visitors tend to gather (e.g., in specific sections of the store);

  • if the infrastructure allows, the entrance must be separated from the exit, without disregarding fire safety requirements;

  • responsible person must be delegated, who constantly organises the fulfilment of the requirements at the point of sale; information about this responsible person must be placed in a clearly visible place;

  • internal (documented) control system must be developed for the implementation of epidemiological safety measures, including information on the calculation of visitors, internal procedures and control, as well as on the responsible person, so that control institutions can objectively verify the fulfilment of requirements;

  • it is forbidden to organise and advertise short-term (shorter than 7 days) special offers that could motivate people to immediately visit and stay at the point of sale for longer periods, thus creating a risk of gatherings;

  • it is mandatory to install a digital people flow counting tool in shopping centres with an area exceeding 7000 m2.

  • the police may close the point of sale for up to 7 days in case of any violations.

The most important thing to achieve in points of sale is effective and strict compliance with distancing rules. In all shopping venues, including markets and outdoor street shopping venues, persons must wear masks, maintain a 2-metre distance, and pay additional attention to hygiene; there must be information on the precautions to be taken. Face shields may only be used together with a mask. An economic service provider is prohibited from servicing a customer who does not use or misuses the mouth and nose covering. This means that, for example, in a store, the seller will not serve the customer if the person does not use a mouth and nose covering.

Safe trade provisions in large shopping centres

As of 7 April of this year in frame of enhanced safety conditions, at the shopping centres with a total sales area of more than 7000 m2 and at least five merchants or service providers operating in individual points of sale, only the following can operate:

  • the grocery stores where food is sold comprising not less than 70% of the assortment of goods;
  • the stores where hygiene goods are sold in the amount of not less than 70% of the assortment of goods;
  • computer, computer peripheral equipment, video game control panel, and standard software retail outlets are allowed to operate on site as specialised telecommunication equipment retail stores;
  • pharmacies (including veterinary pharmacies);
  • optical goods stores;
  • pet food stores;
  • flower stores;
  • bookstores;
  • press outlets.
  • service providers are allowed to operate (for example, dry cleaning, financial institutions, repair services, etc.),
  • The delivery of goods that were purchased online is forbidden in shopping centres!

The following safety requirements must be observed at points of street trade (fairs):
  • visitors and merchants must wear mouth and nose coverings;
  • up to 20 points of sale are allowed;
  • the trade fair territory must be physically demarcated;
  • no entertainment events (thematic festivals, attractions) take place during the organisation of street trade

Find out more on the amendments reviewed by the Cabinet of Ministers to the Regulations No.360 "Epidemiological Safety Measures for the Containment of the Spread of Covid-19 Infection" adopted on 9 June 2020 on the website of the Cabinet of Ministers; for the final version of the amendments please refer to

In order not to cause crowding in points of sale, incl. the formation of long queues, especially on public holidays, we would like to remind that residents:

  • visit the store one by one (except with a child or an assistant);
  • plan the necessary purchases in advance;
  • plan to shop for a longer period of time;
  • remain in the store for as short a time as possible.

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