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Before coming to Latvia, fill in the questionnaire and get acquainted with the regulations regarding incoming travellers!

For organisers of cultural events

Last update 24.07.2020

General conditions for the safe organisation of cultural events and safe operation and attendance of cultural institutions and venues: 
  • from 1 August, the number of visitors of a cultural event in the premises may not exceed 250 if the space is less than 1000 m2 and 500 if the space is 1000 m2 or bigger, at the same time not exceeding 50% of the capacity of the room and providing 4 m2 of space for each visitor;
  • up to 3,000 visitors can gather at an outdoor cultural event; 
  • a distance of at least 2 metres must be ensured between visitors (4 m2 per person); 
  • events may take place from 6.00 to 24.00 o’clock (except for open-air cinemas, where events may take place from 06:00 to 02:00 o’clock);
  • the availability of disinfectants for hand and surface hygiene, as well as publicly available information on the maximum number of visitors must be provided at the venue of the event.
Restrictions of gatherings at events organised in venues of culture events, where visitors sit in fixed, personalised seats

A distance of at least 1 metre or a protective barrier between each of the two groups of fixed, personalised seats (2 visitors may be seated next to each other, even if they are not from the same household; up to 4 visitors may be seated next to each other if from one household only):

  • in museums
  • open-air stages
  • libraries
  • theatre buildings
  • cultural centres
  • concert halls
  • exhibition halls
  • cinemas
  • in events taking place in the outdoor areas of the cultural sites listed above.

When leaving the seat, visitors should keep a distance of 2 metres from each other if they are not from the same household. 

Non-compliance with self-isolation at the workplace and during work for foreign artists coming from countries at risk

Cultural workers from high-risk countries of Covid-19 are not required to perform self-isolation at the workplace and during working hours (such as a concert rehearsal and performance at a concert venue). Within 14 days of arriving from the countries at risk, cultural workers shall not perform work duties, they shall observe self-isolation.

Conditions for foreign artists coming to Latvia from high-risk countries:

  • the person does not have signs of an acute respiratory infection;
  • the person has performed the Covid-19 test not earlier than within three days prior to arrival to Latvia and the result is negative;
  • upon arrival to Latvia, a repeated Covid-19 test is performed and the result is negative;
  • the person has arrived upon an invitation from a cultural service provider or organiser of a public event that is registered in Latvia in order to perform the following work duties related to the organisation of cultural services and public events:
    • film director;
    • scenographer;
    • costume designer;
    • actor;
    • soloist;
    • musician;
    • conductor;
    • ballet artist;
    • concertmaster;
    • choreographer.

The organisers of events who have invited foreign artists are obliged to submit the Ministry of Culture written confirmation signed by the responsible official regarding:

  • the suitability of the invited person for any of the groups of cultural workers listed above;
  • the purpose and duration of stay of the invited person in Latvia;
  • the fact that the invited person is not infected with Covid-19;
  • the fact that upon arrival to Latvia, the person will be tested for Covid-19;
  • if the person will stay in Latvia for more than 5 days, after 5-7 days a repeated Covid-19 test will be performed;
  • the fact that 14 days from the arrival of the person to Latvia will ensure his/her self-isolation outside working hours, and during this time the person will not use public transport;
  • the fact that the person will comply with any restrictions imposed to prevent the spread of Covid-19 infection;
  • the fact that the transportation of a person to and from the workplace will be ensured;
  • the fact that he/she will cover all medical expenses if a person is diagnosed with Covid-19 infection.


Source reference

Kultūras ministrija