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Before coming to Latvia, fill in the questionnaire and get acquainted with the regulations regarding incoming travellers! Arrival Confirmation Form

Last update 20.10.2020

From 12 October, all persons who intend to enter Latvia must fill in an electronic confirmation form on the website


Who has to fill in an electronic form on
  • All persons entering Latvia either by private vehicle or using the services of passenger carriers.
Does the confirmation form have to be filled in every time prior to entering Latvia?
  • The arrival confirmation form must be completed each time you enter Latvia - for yourself, your children, and any dependent persons, except for in special cases.
  • It is allowed to submit the form once every 30 days for:  
    • Citizens and permanent residents of the EU member states who cross the Latvian land border with other EU countries on a daily basis:
      • if crossing the border is necessary for the performance of basic work or service duties and the person has a document certifying employment (including drivers who perform international freight or passenger transport within the EU internal land borders);
      • to receive child supervision services or formal pre-school education on-site (subject to presenting a certificate issued by the service provider or the educational institution);
      • to receive formal on-site primary, secondary, or higher education, as well as vocational education in the fields of art and culture; this also applies to persons accompanying a minor learner or an adult learner with special needs (subject to presenting a certificate issued by the educational institution).
  • Residents declared in Valka Municipality or in Valga Parish who cross the Latvian land border with Estonia on a daily basis. If a resident of Valka Municipality or Valga Municipality enters Latvia from a foreign country and is required to self-isolate, the person must comply with the requirements specified in Latvia. 
What should be indicated on the confirmation form?
  • Name, surname
  • Personal identity number or the number of your travel document
  • Contact phone number and email address
  • The actual address at which you can be reached
  • Countries which you have visited in the last 14 days prior to your arrival in the Republic of Latvia
  • Other information required by supervisory authorities
What happens after filling in the form?
  • You will receive a personalised QR code, both on your device and in your e-mail, confirming the submission of data. 
How to fill in a form for a family member?
  • Each adult must complete the form separately; forms for minors must be filled in by the minors’ parents or legal guardians. 
What will happen to the provided information?
  • The data will be automatically transferred to the State Police.
  • The State Border Guard and the Centre for Disease Prevention and Control will be able to access the data as needed. 
  • Personal data will be stored for 30 days for the purpose of using the received information to ensure epidemiological safety and the traceability of contact persons. After 30 days, personal data will be automatically deleted.
When crossing the border several times, does the form have to be completed each time?
  • Yes, the form must be completed each time for yourself, your children, and any dependent persons!
What is a travel document?
  • A travel document is a person’s passport or identity card which is used to cross the border of the Republic of Latvia.
What to do if the QR code gets lost?
  • On there is the option to "Resend the QR code".
Who developed
  • The IECIS Electronic Registration System of Arriving Persons, which will further serve as an electronic self-declaration system for persons arriving in or returning to Latvia from abroad, has been developed by the Information Centre of the Ministry of the Interior in cooperation with the State Police, State Border Guard, and Centre for Disease Prevention and Control. 
  • is managed by the Information Centre of the Ministry of the Interior.
Who to contact in case of any questions regarding the use of
  • Telephone: +371 67219111
  • E-mail address:
What to do if the form has been filled in incorrectly? 
  • The form can be filled in again. 
What if the electronic confirmation form cannot be filled in?
  • From 12 October, the confirmation form can only be filled in electronically. Every traveller has a 48-hour window before crossing the border of the Republic of Latvia to find a way to fill in and submit the form electronically. For example, a person could use publicly available internet resources to do so.  
  • The confirmation form can also be filled in by a third party; several options can be used for transferring the information compiled in this way:
    • Sending the received QR code by e-mail.
    • If it is not possible to send by e-mail, the person filling in the confirmation form can send the ID with the QR code (a combination of letters and numbers) to a mobile phone in a text message.
    • If the QR code cannot be received, it is possible to give personal data to the supervisory services; the data will be stored in the system.
What is the penalty for not filling in an electronic form on before crossing the border of the Republic of Latvia?
  • Currently, the liability for failure to complete the form is a fine of up to 2,000 EUR.

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