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Careful Travel

National morbidity rates and travel restrictions

Last update 26.04.2021

When returning to Latvia from an EU, EEA, or separate country where the above-mentioned number exceeds 50 people, or from a third country, a 10-day self-isolation must be observed.

Detailed travel alerts for individual countries are available here. This information may not be complete, as countries have the right to promptly determine changes in the conditions of entry and stay. Therefore, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs calls on people to clarify these issues at the diplomatic or consular representations of the particular foreign country.

In order to limit the risks of the spread of the Covid-19 infection and to reduce the importing of new and especially dangerous Covid-19 strains into Latvia, from 11 February, persons from the European Union and European Economic Area countries, the Swiss Confederation and the United Kingdom travelling via international passenger transport or private vehicle will only be able to enter Latvia in urgent cases:

  • work,
  • training, studies,
  • family reunion,
  • receiving medical services,
  • transit,
  • escorting minors,
  • returning to a permanent place of residence,
  • funeral.

It is important that passenger carriers may not board passengers who have not indicated the reason of their arrival in the system. People arriving in Latvia are also still obliged to take a Covid-19 test before arriving in Latvia and to observe self-isolation immediately upon arrival.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs invites you to carefully consider the necessity to go on a foreign trip. If, however, it is necessary to go abroad, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs invites everyone to:

  • follow the recommendations of the SPKC and avoid travelling to countries with high morbidity rates, as well as assess the need to travel to countries where these rates are average;
  • carefully consider the need to travel abroad for people with chronic illnesses and for seniors;
  • always follow standard precautionary measures in all countries, i.e., keeping distance from other persons and observing proper hand hygiene;
  • take into account that there is an increased risk of infection in crowded places, including at airports;
  • before the trip, get acquainted with the requirements of airports and passenger carriers for limiting the spread of Covid-19 (mandatory face and mouth coverings, confirmation of a negative Covid-19 test, etc.);
  • get acquainted with information on entry restrictions in different countries and with other up-to-date information about the respective country via travel alerts or on the Re-open EU portal. If you are in need of more detailed information about the conditions of entry and stay, please contact the respective country’s representative office accredited in Latvia;
  • investigate the possibilities of your return, as the situation regarding international passenger transport, including that of air travel, is variable.

For persons going abroad, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs always strongly recommends:

  • to purchase travel insurance;
  • to register in the Consular Register;
  • to download the Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ mobile application “Ceļo droši” on your smartphone.

The Facebook account of the Consular Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is available here.

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