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Safe provision of services

Guidelines for safe provision of services

Last update 07.05.2021

Provision of services in person
  • In order to reduce and limit the spread of the infection, providers of economic or public services and event organisers must place information asking visitors to use the Apturi Covid national contact tracing and warning mobile app in a highly visible place (in addition to information on safety measures).
  • The Ministry of Economics has prepared special informative materials for informing visitors of trading places and other places of service provision; we invite merchants to use these materials! The materials are available on the website of the Ministry of Economics.
  • Every service provider must display information on epidemiological safety requirements, including in English and Russian, in a conspicuous place at the entrance.
  • Every service provider must appoint a responsible person to organise the epidemiological safety measures and be responsible for their compliance. Information about the responsible person must be placed in a clearly visible place, the responsible person is physically available at the request of the official of the supervisory and control authority, and is located at the place of service and provides the necessary information on the implementation of epidemiological safety measures.
  • A hand sanitiser containing at least 70% ethanol must be placed at the entrance.
  • Persons without mouth and nose coverings must not be allowed to enter and must not receive any services!

In order to reduce the gathering of people indoors, thus limiting the spread of Covid-19, the provision of the following services is prohibited:
  • beauty care, piercing, and tattoo services (manicure, pedicure, podiatrist, and hairdresser services are allowed);

  • rental of indoor sports equipment;

  • on-site photo services (except for the performance of work duties and production of photographs for documents. Individual outdoor photo services are allowed);

  • entertainment and well-being services (including bars, nightclubs, discos, water parks, saunas, spas, skating rinks, game halls, children’s party venues, entertainment and amusement centres, trampoline parks, children’s playrooms, day-care rooms (including in shopping centres));

  • indoor sports club activities are not allowed;

  • indoor operation of cultural venues and exhibition venues, incl. libraries (outdoor museum expositions, subject to ensuring one-way movement and a distance of two metres between persons, are open);

  • It is forbidden to offer mobile beauty care services, including visiting the client to provide services at home!

Requirements for the provision of beauty care services

In order to create a safe environment for the long-term provision of beauty care services under Covid-19 circumstances, enhanced safety measures must be observed:

  • Beauty care service providers must report their activities to the Health Inspectorate.

  • Beauty services may only be provided at the stated address for the provision of beauty care services.

  • The service provider must ensure no less than 25 m2 of the service provision premises space for one service recipient. If the room for the provision of beauty care services is smaller than 25 m2, one service provider and one client may be present in the room.

  • If the room for the provision of services is larger than 25 m2, several workplaces may be present in the room, subject to ensuring a distance of at least 5 m or separate workrooms with structurally separated walls on all sides and a partition or roof in an enclosed part of the building with a separate door for access to other rooms or outdoors and separate ventilation.

  • When providing manicure, pedicure, or podiatrist services, the workplace must be equipped with a stable protective barrier between the service provider and the service recipient. The protective barrier must be at least one metre high and eighty centimetres wide.

  • The provision of services must be organised in such a way that the recipients of the service do not overlap or meet each other at the same technician, and it must be ensured that there is an interval of at least 20 minutes between the recipients of the services.

  • Recipients of services are admitted one by one to premises providing beauty care services, except for in cases when a child under the age of 12 or a person who needs the help of an assistant goes to the salon.

  • Before providing the service, the temperature of the service recipient is measured in a contactless manner. If the recipient of the service has acute respiratory symptoms, the service provider must refuse the provision of the service.

  • The premises must be ventilated for at least 15 minutes between the provision of services.

  • When resuming or starting to provide a beauty care service, a self-control form must be filled in by the beauty service provider and presented to the supervisory and control authority upon request. The page must indicate:

    • the first name, surname and contact telephone number of the service recipient,

    • information on the start and end time of the service,

    • information about the technician who provided the service in case there are several.

  • The service is provided using disposable gloves and an FFP-2 or FFP-3 respirator without a valve. It is also recommended to use face visors or face shield and goggles, but they can only be used as additional personal protective equipment.
  • The service provider must ensure that only one type of service is provided to the recipient per day. The recipient of the service is present at the place of provision of the beauty service only upon receipt of the service.
  • Drinks, snacks and reading materials are not offered to service recipients.
  • In order to ensure the control of the fulfilment of these requirements, the State and Municipal Police will be involved to monitor the situation at the places of provision of services.

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The provision of individual photo services to natural persons in the open air is allowed, subject to compliance with the epidemiological safety requirements in force in the country regarding distancing and the number of people.

Conditions of the photo shoot:

  • the service is provided by one photographer;
  • the service is provided to one person;
  • the service provider and the recipient must observe a distance of 2 meters.


From 7 May, on-site public catering is allowed to resume outdoors under enhanced safety measures. When providing on-site public catering services outdoors, the service provider must comply with the following conditions:

  • no more than four adults, excluding minors (i.e., under the age of 18), from no more than two households, but no more than 10 persons in total (i.e., adults and children) are present at the same table;
  • a distance of at least two metres is ensured between the persons sitting at different tables, if no partition wall is in place between the tables;
  • cutlery, sets of dishes, and napkins must be individually issued to every visitor;
  • tables must be disinfected after every meal (after every visitor);
  • at the place of public catering, staff and visitors must use mouth and nose coverings during their time there, except when sitting at a table;
  • on-site public catering establishments open their outdoor premises no earlier than 6.00 and end work no later than 21.00;
  • after 21.00, food may only be served as take-away.
  • there must be a designated person who organises the implementation of the established epidemiological safety measures;
  • clearly legible publicly available information, including in foreign languages, must be displayed in places visible to visitors on the maximum number of persons and with the contact details of the designated person and the municipal police;
  • it is not allowed to provide services in closed-type pavilions, tents, etc.

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This restriction does not apply to kindergartens and production companies where it is not possible to provide food for take-out. In these exceptional cases, in addition to other requirements, the following conditions must be met:

  • the place of catering is not publicly available;
  • it is ensured that the flows of groups of persons who do not have daily contact do not physically overlap;
  • only one person is at one table during meals;
  • a 2-metre distance is observed between the tables.

Requirements for accommodation service providers

Accommodation service providers:

  • must observe the general epidemiological safety measures, ensuring the provision of services in a contactless manner;
  • may provide services to persons of one household;
  • when hosting contact persons of Covid-19 patients or infected persons, tourist accommodations must ensure that the special requirements are met. They can perform a self-test on the website of the Health Inspectorate.
  • If, when providing accommodation to persons of one household, a room with a sauna or a guest house with a sauna and similar water treatment facilities is rented, the persons may use the facilities included in their hotel room or guest house, however, they must ensure the operation of the sauna and other facilities themselves.

Find out more about general epidemiological safety measures in the service sector on the website of the Ministry of Economics (in latvian)!

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