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The Republic of Latvia has declared an emergency situation in its territory from 9 November 2020 until 7 February 2021

Curfew or staying in your place of residence

What is a curfew and how to observe it?

Last update 08.01.2021

Curfew is a special restriction on movement - a requirement not to leave one’s place of residence at a certain time.

Until 25 January, in order to reduce the risk of infecting each other with Covid-19, all residents of Latvia must stay at their place of residence on the weekends (the night hours from 22.00 to 5.00 from Friday to Saturday and from Saturday to Sunday).

Therefore, from 8 January to the morning of 9 January, as well as on 15 and 16 January and 22 and 23 January sales and service outlets will be open from 6.00 to 21.00, so that employees can get from home to work and back without breaking the rules. Restrictions on working hours will also apply to public catering places, with food and drink still available for take-away only.

Movement at night is allowed by filling in a certificate for:

  • Persons going to or from a place of work or service and performing work or service duties.
  • Those in need of medical care, including veterinary medical care.
  • Providers and recipients of emergency services, as well as those on-call at night, the specifics of whose work preclude them from working remotely. 
  • The opening hours of gas stations, the provision of public transport services and emergency and emergency utilities are not restricted at night.
  • Taxi service can be used by a person:
    • to go to or from work;
    • to receive emergency services;
    • to go to their place of residence after entering Latvia;
    • to go to an airport, port, bus station, train station.
  • Only one passenger (or with minors) can be in a taxi.
  • During the movement in a curfew period, a person must bring with him/her an identity document (passport or ID card)

The certificate must state:

  • Name, surname
  • Identity number
  • Residence address
  • Workplace address, contacts
  • Reason and time of leaving the residence and/or workplace
  • Movement destination, date, time
  • Signature

The certificate may be filled in on a computer and printed out if possible but may also be handwritten. 

You can find more information about the certificate and observing of curfew on the website of the State Police (information in Latvian).

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