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Vaccination of priority groups

Find out more about news in the priority group vaccination process!

Last update 02.06.2021

We remind you that vaccination against Covid-19 is voluntary in Latvia, however, we invite you to get vaccinated to be able to return to a normal rhythm of life!

In Latvia, the Covid-19 vaccine rollout is organised by identifying priority population groups and vaccinating them first. This type of vaccine rollout is due to the gradual registration of Covid-19 vaccines in the European Union and the limited production and supply of the registered vaccines. Taking the recommendations of the European Commission and the World Health Organisation into account, the Ministry of Health was guided by medical and
epidemiological indications, when determining the priority groups of the population to be vaccinated:

  1. persons who are at the highest risk of infection and who are associated with permanent
    residence in institutions with the highest risk of Covid-19 transmission (for example, medical
    practitioners, employees of long-term social care centres and clients, etc.);
  2. persons for whom the Covid-19 infection is associated with severe health problems and
    death (for example, seniors, persons with chronic diseases, persons undergoing serious
    medical manipulations);
  3. persons living in conditions of increased infection, where it is not possible to observe
    distancing, and who come into contact with a large number of other people, thus facilitating
    the transmission of the infection to the wider society (for example, educators of educational

Apply for vaccination:

Here you will find medical institutions and GP practices where Covid-19 vaccinations take place.

Please look up current information on the Covid-19 vaccine rollout on the SPKC website!

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