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From 21 October to 14 November, particularly strict safety arrangements and strengthened security measures from 20:00 to 5:00 are in force in Latvia.

Centralised procurement of personal protective equipment

Information for manufacturers and distributors of protective equipment required by the state

Last update 07.05.2020

In order to ensure that the stocks of personal protective equipment and disinfectants necessary for limiting the spread of Covid-19 will last for at least three months, on 2 April, 2020, the Cabinet of Ministers decided that centralised procurement of protective equipment for the needs of all state institutions shall be organised by the Ministry of Defence.
The Ministry of Defence calls on the manufacturers and distributors of medical masks, respirators, coveralls, shoe covers, disinfectants, and other products to cooperate.
You will find a list of the required personal protective equipment and disinfectants, descriptions of the goods and services, information on the progress of procurement, and contact information on the website of the Ministry of Defence.

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